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Personal Space Creations

Puffer Earrings

Puffer Earrings

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You can't avoid cold weather with these earrings! Slip on a pair of Puffer Earrings and combat the chill. In the heat of summer, these little spikes will keep any sweat from dripping down your neck as you sip coconuts by the pool.
Even if you love long winter days, Puffer Earrings are perfect for those moments when those winds whip across your face and leave it feeling numbingly cold. Trust us, we've been there—we know what to do to take off that icy layer before it solidifies into a permanent mask. Indulge in a few minutes of self-care with Puffers Earrings today!

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This mug is top shelf dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Three green laser-cut square outlines on their point like a diamond. This is your personal space. "PSC" in the open middle in blue.

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