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The Thin Line Collection

The Thin Line Collection of aromatherapy stretch bracelets seemed to start by accident and then just fall into perspective. It all started one afternoon when a family was shopping in the store here in Loudon. While the wife was looking at different essential oils and potential uses, the husband asked about custom sized aromatherapy bracelets that would accommodate his large wrist. He merely asked for Black and blue beads.

The more we talked about the design, I realized that he was asking for a bracelet that symbolized the Thin Blue Line that represents the Law Enforcement Officers who offer themselves up as a thin line of protection right in the middle of the darkness. I understand that all Officers are not prime examples of what the rest of them strive to be every day; there are always a few who ruin the reputation of the many in every demographic. This gentleman however, seemed to be a good example of Law Enforcement, and a local Officer with our Loudon City Police Department. As a supporter of our local Law Enforcement, I was honored to make something for him.

Never having thought of this as a potential design, I was limited by what gemstones that I had on hand. I quickly found some Black Obsidian 8mm beads. The hard part was going to be the Blue stone. My Dumortierite was too “faded denim” looking for my taste, so that was out. The Sodalite contained so much white swirl that they looked like little planet Earths. I had only one more option, the designer grade Lapis that I had procured for the Infused Elegance Line at over $75 per strand. It was worth it. I made it on the spot adding the obligatory porous Lava Stones to take care of the aromatherapy that he was after. After some sizing adjustments, he was happy with the outcome.

As I pondered this design, I thought about how this could be a good thing to offer. People could outwardly show their support for our public servants and take their aromatherapy with them. Then it occurred to me that they could not only show their support, but actually support them. As prior service military Chaplain Assistant myself, I knew who was there to help our first responders with critical stress debriefings after traumatic events. I also know some folks who are part of the Loudon County Sheriff’s Chaplain Corps. who support not only Law Enforcement, but work together with several Chaplains across the first responders in our area. The little light bulb went off just above my head, I could donate a portion of every one of these bracelets to the local Chaplain Corps. in an effort to support those who support us.

As I began researching the Thin Blue Line, I found the Thin Red for the Firefighters, the Thin Golden Line for the Communications centers and 911 Operators, and the Thin White Line on a field of blue that represent our Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. Wow! We can support all of our local first responders in a specific and personal way!

Then I began researching and procuring the beads to create these wonderful symbols. Soon I found that finding consistent natural gemstones was going to cost and time prohibitive. I didn’t want these to be priced out of reach for folks who wanted to participate, I didn’t want to have inconsistent patterns and colors that may not look right, and I didn’t want to get dyed stones that would look better but have a potential for leaching dye onto clothing when used with stronger essential oils. [Yes, I think about this kind of stuff when making my pieces. Some say that I overthink it and overbuild it, but I cannot imagine designing and creating in any other way.] After much internal debate I settled it all by choosing some glass beads from the Czech Republic. These beads are made using a special process that folds the colors into the glass as it is being made. This eliminates the danger of dye that that bleed off onto clothing, or coatings that do not handle oils or wear and tear well. A win, win for this design because using glass instead of gemstones allows the bracelets to retail out at only $17 each. A donation of $5 to the Loudon Sheriff’s Chaplain Corps. is already included in that cost. This keeps the bracelets at a reasonable cost, you know exactly what you are getting, and you know where the support funds go. Who would you like to support today? Come on down and show everyone who you stand behind.

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