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September Without the Brrrr…

As I sit in the store today working on the new upcoming Men’s line for Infused Elegance, I am looking out the window at the traffic going by. In the Downtown area of the big city of Loudon, TN traffic patterns can be less than exciting. That is a good thing. I love the feel of a small town. The Son’s of Smoke are across the street getting their BBQ restaurant ready for a much anticipated Grand Opening. I can’t imagine how much their presence will make this area grow; by this area I mean my waistline, they make some tasty food. As the cars go by with people going to work, going from work, running errands, and the like; I reflect on how warm and sunny it is here. Last year at this time we were packing up and getting ready for our move from North Pole, Alaska. The temps were around the low 60’s down to the low 40’s at night. Here we are still looking at 90F and down to mid 60F at night.

I tell you all of that in order to say this, I love Fall. I love the crisp mornings and the relief from the heat of Summer. I am anxious to see the leaves changing colors and brighten up the hillsides with all of the shades of bright reds, intense oranges, and pale yellows. Although I am not likely to wear on, I am ready for sweater weather. With the change of seasons, however, there can be a change of how we wear jewelry. As I create one piece of jewelry, I often see inspiration for another piece. Maybe it is a new technique, a different finding that would accent better, or even a completely new design. Sometimes I have to stop making long enough to jot down these ideas and concepts before they dissipate from my thoughts. As sweater weather approaches, I am seeing that I need to incorporate aromatherapy jewelry that can be worn well with high necklines and long sleeves. The statement necklaces will be held out for special occasions on evenings out. Now is the time for something that is practical and useful for every day, without being too utilitarian. Will the necklace be prominent on the outside of your top, or will it be tucked underneath providing subtle aromatherapy that only you, and those very close to you, will know about. These are the things that pop into my mind as I attempt to create useful, functional, timeless, and of course beautiful Aromatherapy Jewelry.

I know that every piece that I make will not make everyone swoon over them; that is okay. I do not really want my work to appeal to the masses. I have put items back in the case and refused to sell it to someone who had no appreciation for it. I told them that this piece obviously wasn’t right for them and encouraged them to look for something else. But I know that when the right person sees the perfect piece for them, they will be completely happy with their purchase. With that said, I enjoy making jewelry that will make some woman feel empowered and confident. I aspire to make other pieces that will be an accent for a man who desires more than just another gold serpentine chain. Whether it is an aromatherapy stretch bracelet that shows support for a favorite sports team or one that shows support for our 911 operators, the Thin Gold line that represents that golden voice on the other end of a phone line when our world gets turned upside down. I want to create something that tells a story about the wearer, or someone they love. I guess I want the jewelry that I create to be more than just something that goes with a certain skirt, or something that matches a blouse. I desire to create something that enhances your personal space; be it with the gemstones that you love, or the aromatherapy that you long to take with you wherever you go. The crisp fall air needs to get here. The time is coming when good friends are more likely to settle in for evenings that will make a greeting card green with envy. I am excited to see these shorter days and longer nights come. There may not be as much water skiing or as many picnics at the lake going on, but there are other things that rush in to take their place. A stroll together on a crisp evening, a campfire roasting marshmallows, or even an evening of cards with good friends near the fireplace; Fall is on the way. And the most pressing of my thoughts right now, that I need to stop looking out the window and get back to work. I think a 20-inch Tigereye Aromatherapy necklace for the Men’s line is calling out to me to be made. So, enjoy the rest of the Summer, and get ready to Fall into a more relaxed and inviting time of the year.   


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