Sweater Keepers

Sweater Keepers are an old idea upcycled for the 21st-century.

There are so many beautiful flowing sweater and scarf designs out there that just need a little something extra. Sweater Keepers holds on your sweater, holds on your scarf, and is stylish as a statement necklace or as subdued as a classic necklace.

Sweater Keepers came from the old-time sweater keepers that women wore in the 1940s and 50s. They wore them high up so that their sweaters didn’t open. If they were hanging their sweaters over their shoulders; their sweater would stay on and they didn’t risk losing it.

In the 1990s those same sweater keepers were used as dress clips for the big flowing dresses that just needed a little something to form it to your figure so it didn’t look like a muumuu

Sweater keepers can also be used for people that are sensitive to metal. Instead of wearing a great big necklace you can now attach the sweater keeper to your sweater, your jacket, or even your shirt, and have what appears to be a floating necklace. Sweater Keepers empower you to show your style without risking metal contact on your sensitive skin.

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