Seint Makeup Tins Offer!

Calling all my Seint makeup users!
Don't know what to do with your tin lids and used tins?

Contact me! I know what to do with them! 

If you send me 6 lids I will send you a coupon code for one pair of Seint Tin Earrings! 

I'll even ship them to you if you are in the US!

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    This show aired October 13, 2022
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  • LIVE from Loudon! It's Thursday Night!

    Bridgit and Darren host their show, LIVE from Loudon! It's Thursday Night!, every week!

    Yes, they are supposed to be doing a live sale, but they are having a lot of fun just hanging out with everyone in between showing y'all the products from the weekly collections!

    All the products featured in the sale are at least 20% off, and if you buy them through the comments while Darren and Bridgit are LIVE, you can get an amazing discount on shipping, too!

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    This show aired on YouTube on

    September 8, 2022

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