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This is where you can find Personal Space Creations Online!

Our Facebook Page 

This is the main place to find our weekly releases!


This is one of the best spots to see our weekly LIVE Sale!

The plan is to also host our LIVE classes here, so stay tuned.


The Inner Circle

Not really an online place, but another way to keep up with our releases and antics.

Our weekly email has coupon codes and an events calender- If you want to find us at an in-person event, this is where all the info will be!


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    This show aired October 13, 2022
    on our Facebook Page

    One of our Facebook Shows 
  • LIVE from Loudon! It's Thursday Night!

    Bridgit and Darren host their show, LIVE from Loudon! It's Thursday Night!, every week!

    Yes, they are supposed to be doing a live sale, but they are having a lot of fun just hanging out with everyone in between showing y'all the products from the weekly collections!

    All the products featured in the sale are at least 20% off, and if you buy them through the comments while Darren and Bridgit are LIVE, you can get an amazing discount on shipping, too!

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    This show aired on YouTube on

    September 8, 2022

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