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Fun in March

February is over.

Did your Sweetheart spoil you right?

What did you get for Valentine’s Day?

Well, we would love to keep spoiling you!

We offered a 20% discount at Southern Charm and Sweet Tea. We continue to offer 20% to everyone that joins our NEW VIP Newsletter. We will be offering Flash Sales in our VIP Facebook Group. We love saving money, and want our very best customers to save on jewelry that makes them look fabulous!

We also like to have fun! I bet you do, too! So starting this month, we will be playing a guessing game.

If you all play along, we will keep doing them every month. Right now, I have three contests ready to go. There will be 10 clues listed on our Instagram account: one clue each week day for 2 weeks.

We will give out a GRAND PRIZE for the very first correct guess, and a 20% coupon code for the first 10 correct guesses.

We will start the contest on March 9, posting at 10 am EST Monday through Friday, until Friday, March 20. We will announce the winner on Monday, March 23.

Our first prize is a really good one! An Emerald Green Aventurine and Snow Quartz Aromatherapy Necklace and a Special Edition 10ml bottle of Young Living Peppermint Oil.

I hope you enjoy following and playing along!



Prize for the March Winner
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