Answers to COmmon iSSUES

What if I buy twice?

No worries! If an order goes through to the exact same person for the exact same thing we will contact you before we put your order together.

If you are a returning customer, be sure to check your email. We do like to send exclusive deals and special coupon codes to customers on our VIP list.


We accept all major credit cards.


We cannot break up payments into two separate forms at this time.


All our orders are shipped USPS Flat Rate, unless you specify that you want it to go another way.

We moved here from Alaska. We understand that some companies don’t get that Alaska (and Hawaii) are in the US. We don’t charge you more for living in a really great state.


We would like to talk to you about why you want to return a product. We do not pay for return shipping.

We will graciously accept any product returned to us. We will however discuss what solution works best on a case by case basis. 


Any and all information gathered from your time on this website will only be used by Personal Space Creations. We do not sell or share your information with anyone.

Our credit card service has their own privacy policy. (www.squareup.com)

Do you Sell Essential Oils?

Yes, but not on this website. You can purchase Young Living Essential Oils in our shop or on our Young Living website.

Please go to www.myyl.com/bridgitlawson to purchase Young Living Essential Oils online.

Do you sell diffusers?

Yes, but not on this website.

 You can purchase all kinds of diffusers in our shop in Historic Downtown Loudon, TN.

Please go to www.myyl.com/bridgitlawson to purchase Young Living diffusers.

What is an iTOVi scan?

Glad you asked! We have a whole page explaining it, and how you can get a FREE scan! 


What is your Cookie Policy?

Well, Bridgit is gluten-free, so we need to take that into consideration.

Our policy for internet cookies is found here: https://personalspacecreations.com/cookie-policy/