Respect My Diamond

I (Bridgit) am working on a great new group for our Personal Space Creations friends and family. It's about self-respect, and setting boundaries.

Respect My Diamond will be a place to learn about how to respect your own personal boundaries, teach others to respect the boundaries you set, and find ideas for self care.


In the group, you will learn what is in your diamond and why this is important.

This isn't a coaching program group, but a community where your input is valued.

Yes, I will recommend products.

Yes, there will be links to the PSC webpage.

Yes, there will be affiliate links.

Yes, I will link to the YL oils in the diffuser blends I recommend.

This page is linked to our business, Personal Space Creations. If you don't like anything about the group, please don't sign up, or just leave if you aren't happy. Don't hang around and complain.

That's one of the boundaries that I am setting right now.

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