About Us

Darren and Bridgit are thrilled that everyone who uses their products can tell that they are handcrafted with attention to the smallest detail and the love you want when giving gifts.

Thank you for trusting us with your most precious gift giving needs.

Bridgit at work on her SodaPop jewelry

Bridgit is an Upcycle Artist. She makes all her PSC Upcycled products by repurposing anything she can, except the ear wires. (That would be gross.) Even her earring cards are made of recycled materials.

Bridgit also makes most of the Sweater Keepers and Sun Catchers. She likes to have beautiful, unique, handcrafted things around her. That’s where she draws her inspiration for these not-always-upcycled creations. Her suncatchers started as a pretty way to have a unique aromatherapy diffuser. It had to survive both the cold, Alaskan winter AND the warm three months of daylight. Her Sweater Keepers are an idea reimagined from the 50’s style of Sweater Keepers and the 90’s Dress Clips. (It seems that the latest fashion trends do not include buttons.) She has since found out that the Sweater Keepers work great for people that can’t wear metal necklaces, and is working on a collection of designs for her metal sensitive followers.

Darren enjoys using his custom engraved pipe when he's not making "stuff."

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